Consumers want more than the traditional style apartment has to offer.

They prefer the freedom and mobility that come with renting, and the privacy and independence they get from living in a home rather than a traditional apartment. This has created a new dynamic that has reshaped the housing market.

In response, MNA is developing a hybrid housing option combining the positive elements of single family living with apartment amenities, rental flexibility and professional management.

Brand Development

Our vision is to develop “pocket neighborhoods.”

The properties will be clusters of multistory duplex, triplex, and quadruplex row houses with upscale features and spacious indoor/outdoor living areas, private entrances, smart home technologies, high ceilings with ample natural light and a class-A amenity package. This provides the renter all the benefits of a single family home but no mortgage payments or HOA fees and none of the responsibilities and financial burner that come with home ownership.

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