Open your dictionary to “southern charm” and you're almost guaranteed to see a photo of Belmont, NC. Full of rich history, this small town that sits just outside Charlotte is truly picturesque.

North Carolina

Belmont Niches


Hood Sweet Hood

Living in Belmont

Strolling through Downtown Belmont gives one the comforting notion of “the good old days,” yet offers restaurants, shopping, and a small arts & culture scene. Go antiquing, visit the kitschy, authentic general store, enjoy a delicious meal, and end the day with a latte and sweet treat.

Mountain Life

Downtown isn’t the only area of Belmont worth exploring. Named in 1833, Belmont means “Beautiful Mountain,” which is spot-on considering the close proximity to Crowders Mountain, one of North Carolina’s most visited hiking destinations.

Small Town Comforts

Belmont is a glass bottle of Coca-Cola kind of town where, during warm summer months, you can find neighbors meeting on the grassy knoll, lawn chairs in-hand, to watch the train pass through town.

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Want to know our favorite spots in the area? Check out our neighborhood guide to be in the know right from move-in.

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