Home to SouthPark Mall, North Carolina’s largest mall, residents can expect upscale shopping, fine dining, and prestigious services exclusive to the area.

North Carolina

SouthPark Niches


Hood Sweet Hood

Living in SouthPark

This neighborhood has upgraded from Ikea and Target. It’s Crate & Barrel and West Elm.

Upscale Options

SouthPark is regarded as Charlotte’s most upscale area, and for good reason. Think fine wine & cheese shops, premium fitness boutiques, luxurious beauty services, and more. For a refined and inviting environment, it doesn't get much more lavish than Charlotte’s SouthPark area.

Life of Luxury

Do you fancy yourself the epicurean type? Do you prioritize being part of a bustling, high-end retail district? Do you enjoy the finer things in life? If so, SouthPark is the place for you; Welcome home.

We were new to apartment living after 40+ years in our own homes. The apartment is great and the move was made easier with MyNiche's prompt attention to a few "settling-in" issues. Thank you for all your continuous help!

Don Gruening

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Want to know our favorite spots in the area? Check out our neighborhood guide to be in the know right from move-in.

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