There’s a reason Charlotte locals are so fond of the skyline. It represents the perfect blend of thriving metropolis and welcoming community. A blend of diehard sports fanfare (#KeepPounding) and pride in local arts and culture (#CharlotteIsCreative.) A blend of a great day in the office and dinner after work at an awesome local spot. A blend of bright city lights and cozy neighborhood pubs.

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Hood Sweet Hood

Living in Uptown

Yes, that’s Uptown - is a hub for businesses, non-profits, professional sports venues, art galleries, museums, local restaurants and coffee shops, nightlife, and people who really love their city. 

Uptown brings you everything you expect from larger cities but Uptown does it in a few blocks. Walk Center City in its entirety, and enjoy the lights, sounds, and vibrance along the way. Live, work, play and relax — without every having to leave Charlotte's four wards.

When you live in Uptown, everything is truly at your fingertips.

Love the location, close to a greenway, walking distance to BofA Stadium and BB&T Ballpark.

Troy Bushong

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Want to know our favorite spots in the area? Check out our neighborhood guide to be in the know right from move-in.

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