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We hate the apartment industry.

Don't get it twisted, we LOVE apartments  — we can talk asset management, construction costs and floorplans all day long.

But, we’re not big fans of our industry.

Let us explain. When people think about apartments they think about cookie-cutter buildings hoggin' up all the city skyline, flimsy brochure boxes and people who don’t care about the community they’re building in.

And, guess what? They’re not wrong. This is a lot of what the apartment industry is. At MyNiche, we’re kicking that stereotype to our freshly-power-washed curb and bring community management into a new era.

Where it all began

In 2007, we had a dream to create a cool place for people to live.

We pooled our money together and bought the old Hotel Charlotte in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina as a way to pay homage to our city and get our feet wet with multi-family real estate.

And then 2008 happened.

You Remember...

After the economic crash our funky, cool rehab was our only standing entity for four long years. But, we pushed through— because even in tough times people should have the luxury of hardwood floors, walkability and a place they’re proud of.

Then in 2011, we were able to plant more roots in NoDa (literally). We created The Arden, our first green project!

We’ve come a long way from these projects, but 2007 and 2011 were pivotal moments for us. 2007 gave us humility and 2011 solidified our gut feeling that people want tight-knit, intentional communities. We bring that intuition into every project we touch.  

We’re proud to say that we now build, operate and manage dozens of urban-core MyNiche communities across the Southeast.


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Building moments with just the right amount of scope and authenticity.

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Management & Leasing

Turning apartment management on its head — we focus on surpassing industry standards.

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