Meet the Team

Think 1992 Dream Team but for apartments.

Say it With Me Now

Be Innovative. Design an Experience.

We either throw out the playbook or play hard in it. We always remember that life happens within the walls that we create.

Be Respectful.

Its not just a “unit" we’re managing and creating people’s homes. Our clients are not just building owners, its their livelihood. We keep empathy at the forefront.

Be Responsive.

It’s important to us, to give timely responses even if it’s just to say, “I’m on it.” Our goal is to keep everyone at ease by keeping everyone in the loop — this work is personal.

Our Team

In a cookie cutter industry, we take an original approach.

Our team is passionate and design-focused. We are a creative group who dig deep in search of the next big idea.

Adam Purser


Adam is a licensed general contractor and a co-founder of My Niche Apartments. He serves as the President of MNA Operations.

Jack Levinson

Chief Operating Officer

Jack oversees LPA’s multi-family division, My Niche Apartments as the Chief Operating Officer.

Corporate Team

Tracy Garlinghouse, CAPS

Director of Multi-Family Operations

Kayla Dugger

Creative Director

Jason Bridges

Senior Property Management Coordinator

Alexis Harrison

Marketing & Account Coordinator

Tony Moore

Property Management Coordinator

Heather Nelson

Senior Property Accountant
CHarlotte Team

Corey Dever

Area Manager, Charlotte

Mallory Tsiolkas

Multi-site Leasing Manager, Charlotte Portfolio

Krystal Miller

Property Manager, Giddy Hall

Chris Caldwell

Leasing Manager, Giddy Hall

Ash Ward

Maintenance Technician, Giddy Hall
Greensboro Team

Teri Fedorcha

Property Manager, New Garden Square

Greg Burgess

Maintenance Supervisor, New Garden Square
Hickory Team

Zac Randall

Area Manager, Hickory

Victoria Martin

Property Manager, One North Center

Ricky Trivett

Service Manager, One North Center

Rania Price

Property Manager, Preston Ridge

Rachel Soverns

Leasing Specialist, Preston Ridge

Michael Gentry

Maintenance Supervisor, Preston Ridge

Kent Peterson

Maintenance Technician, Preston Ridge I & II
Rock Hill Team

Melanie Carter

Area Manager, Rock Hill

Crystal Thompson

Leasing Manager, The Oaks

Doug Edwards

Service Manager, Rock Hill Portfolio

Tatiana Fossett

Leasing Manager, 139 Main & The Anderson

Kenneth Cole

Maintenance Technician, The Oaks

Jack Tonks

Maintenance Technician, 139 Main & The Anderson
Augusta Team

Shannon Oliver

Area Manager, Greater SC & GA

Ashley Silvey

Property Manager, Canalside
Florence Team

Shannon Oliver

Area Manager - Greater SC & GA

Marcus Stephens

Service Supervisor, The Emerson

Kristin McMillian

Leasing Manager, The Emerson
Savannah Team

Julie Shabrach

Area Manager, Savannah

Shatrell Lark

Leasing Manager, The Matadora

Anay Otero

Leasing Manager, Bowery I, Bowery II & Alice Hall

Victor Berry

Maintenance Technician, The Matadora & Skylark

Corey Lester

Maintenance Technician, Bowery I & II and Alice Hall

Jacob Frizzel

Leasing Manager, Skylark
No items found.
Spartanburg Team

Tyson Fowler

Property Manager, The Fitzgerald

Scott Etters

Maintenance Supervisor, The Fitzgerald
Greer Team

Kristen Hall

Property Manager, Park View

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