Downtown Durham

If you’re looking for a diverse and inclusive community, a celebrated food scene, and one of the most walkable areas in the Southeast, it’s time to call Downtown Durham home. Known for its rich history, top-tier universities, thriving start-up culture, entertainment, and arts culture, Downtown Durham is perfect for creatives, go-getters, and anyone who loves living in a place where there’s always something to do.

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Living in Downtown Durham

Once home to a large tobacco manufacturing site, Downtown Durham has embraced its history as a working-class city and transformed into a diverse and forward-thinking community that honors its past in a way that’s made it an alluring destination. Ask any resident what it’s like to live here and you’ll likely hear, “There’s just something about Downtown Durham.” It’s a community where all are welcome, inspiration can be found on every corner, and the spirit of grit is alive and well.

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