Plaza Midwood

What do you get when you combine Southern hospitality, eclectic charm, and arguably the best view of the Charlotte skyline in the city? Plaza Midwood.

Plaza Midwood
North Carolina

Plaza Midwood Niches


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Living in Plaza Midwood

This diverse Charlotte neighborhood is one of the city’s most walkable and vibrant areas, and offers art galleries, mouth-watering cuisine, a funky night life, and some of the best coffee shops you'll ever experience, all nestled together in one welcoming community.

Historic Neighborhood Staples

To make Plaza Midwood even more authentic, many of the best spots are housed in the neighborhood’s original buildings, like Fuel Pizza (a restored 1936 filling station) and Diamond Restaurant, which has been a neighborhood staple since 1945.


And that Charlotte skyline view we mentioned? It doesn’t get much better than the amazing views you’ll get from any one of the 24 apartments at The Nook.

If you're looking for an inclusive community and a neighborhood where there's always something to do, look no further.

I am a former tenant at Plaza 25, one of the my Niche apartment complexes. The apartment itself was great and within a very short distance of all the bars, breweries and restaurants in Plaza Midwood. The management office personnel were very easy to work with and quite receptive. Would highly recommend.

Muashe Magarira
Former Resident

Great place to live because it is in the heart of a wonderful neighborhood, Plaza Midwood. Not knowing the city when I moved here, I couldn't have chosen a better area to live.

Todd Chesser

Neighborhood Guide

Plaza Midwood

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