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The Bowery

Savannah's Historic District

Experience some of Savannah’s best within just a couple of blocks of this high class apartments.

515 & 615 Montgomery St., Savannah GA, 31401

Classic Comfort

Coming home is an experience.

It’s that divine, split second you close your front door behind you and let out a sigh of relief and joy, relishing that special balance of active and restorative; fun and calm; refreshing, and yet, so familiar. It’s the chill of ice hitting the glass and the warmth of friends sharing cocktails together.

It’s The Bowery.

Savannah’s best within just a couple of blocks of the Bowery.

We’re hard pressed to think there’s a better place that captures Savannah’s spirit than The Bowery. Steeped in the best of both Southern tradition and modern magic, Savannah’s comfort and decorum makes it both a state-of-the-art, coastal city and a cobblestoned-square neighborhood.

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Full Service Experiences

Our open floor plans for one or two bedroom living experiences feature luxurious touches from energy efficient stainless appliances to built-in wine racks.

Full Service Gym

Outdoor Patio & Rooftop    

Bike Rentals  

Speakeasy-Style Parlor Room

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Neighborhood Guide

Historic Savannah

Want to know our favorite spots in the area? Check out our neighborhood guide to be in the know right from move-in.

Neighborhood Guide

Okay I’m sold.

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